Apply Now for the 2019 – 2020 Sport Clips Artistic Team

The Sport Clips Artistic Team Vision

Every person on the Team must be, first and foremost, a positive role model. He/she must be willing to be part of a Team that exemplifies the Sport Clips Values. He/she must have a positive attitude, maintain a professional image, be flexible and able to adapt to any situation.

A member of the Sport Clips Artistic Team must…

  • Have a high level of understanding about Sport Clips training programs.
  • Have strong technical skills.
  • Be open to learning new techniques and skills.
  • Be willing to represent Sport Clips as a Platform Artist at National and Regional industry events. During these events be willing to interact with the audience.
  • Be able to participate in stage demonstrations for the National Huddle and other industry events.
  • Be willing to be involved in The Look competition on all levels including promoting, planning and presenting at the National Huddle.
  • Help grow the Sport Clips culture by continuing to look for positive alternatives to help the company stay on the leading edge of the industry.
  • Help in the recruitment process so that Sport Clips always has the best advantage in building its future growth.
  • Have strong public speaking skills and stage presence.
  • Be willing and available to provide feedback and share your expert opinion for special inserts in trade publications, social media posts, blogs, and special events.

2019 – 2020 Sport Clips Artistic Team

  • The Artistic Team will consist of up to 8 Coaches.
  • They can serve 2 consecutive terms for a total of 4 years. (After serving 2 consecutive terms, they would not be eligible to try out again until they have sat out for a full term.)
  • If for any reason a coach cannot finish their 2-year term they will let Julie Vargas or Mary Carter know as soon as possible so a replacement can be identified.
  • AD Coaches are compensated $200/full day and $100/half day when traveling or performing duties as an Artistic Team Member.
  • SCI will pay for lodging, airfare or mileage, and food per diem when traveling for the Artistic Team. AD Coaches will submit an invoice to SCI with the expenses they have incurred and be reimbursed next payroll period.
  • Coaches can expect to travel at least once per quarter for the Artistic Team and possibly more often some quarters.
  • Deadline to apply is Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Download the application and instructions here.

Good luck!